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Texts are read within 3 minutes


People prefer texts with their Agent


Texts are 600% more likely to convert that email


Texts have an open rate of 99%

Texting your way to Success - All in one place

Finally a low cost, effective way to keep in touch. The technology is finally here, linking your MLS to your clients with current, meaningful and accurate data they really want. Gone are the days of mailings with their high cost and lack of automated follow up.

Key features of our system

  • Up to the minute useful data sent automatically
  • Customization of your messaging, the frequency and information sent
  • A Secure System designed to protect your valuable contacts and spheres of influence
  • Reporting feature for follow up and to measure the effectiveness of your marketing

A Powerful Marketing Tool

Imagine a Centralized System to keep in touch and provide meaningful information all to benefit your business. A system that is automatic and a “set it and forget it” ease of use. Now make this valuable information available to an unlimited number of past customers, clients and those that can refer you business. All for pennies a day.

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